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Thread: Weekly weight progression

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    Weekly weight progression

    What would you all say is a normal amount of weight someone relatively new to lifting should be adding to their lifts every week?

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    Personally I added 20 pounds.

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    are you talking about curls or benchpresses? Deadlifts or calf raises?

    Don't worry about the numbers just yet, stick with weight that's comfortably challenging for your sets, and add weight as it feels right.

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    generally you cant add weight on to your lifts each week, unless your looking to keep using smaller numbers or reps

    the human body does not change overnight, a week is not a long enough time to keep adding more weight on all your exercises

    Personally with the way i train ill hit the same exercise every 20 or so days, an ill increase my 1rm (what my reps convert to) by depends on a lot of things

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    You should at least be able to go up in reps every week for the first few months, if not increasing weight. How much will depend on the exercise movement. I would put 5-10lbs on my deadlift every week when I started, and would go up a rep or two on bench till I would increase the weight another 5 lbs.
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