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    WBB Fantasy Football 2007

    Team Names and Coaches:

    2fat4pr0n -- Relentless (aka Callahan)
    Hespeler Vikings -- Peter (co-worker of Relentless)
    Red Knights -- dbreyer
    I pwnd MacGyver -- shootermcgavin7
    ~angelface's tigers -- (friend of Relentless)
    Ryan -- Ryan1117
    220PLer -- drew
    Blues Brothers -- rdkraus
    Jacobites -- Dan (longtime friend of Relentless)
    Seahawks -- heathj
    Pissing Razors -- stray
    49ers that dont suck -- biggimp
    Atoms -- BG5150
    Al's A$$kickers -- not sure
    BiG TyMeRs -- WBBIRL
    Uhrblock's Army -- Mark (friend of Dan, Relentless' friend)

    Football season is here again. Thus: NEW FANTASY LEAGUE SEASON!!
    This is our 3rd year running.

    It is a FREE Yahoo Sports fantasy football league.

    LIVE DRAFT: Sunday September 3rd, 7pm EST
    (you can preselect/rank players if you can't make the draft).

    16 teams max

    Head to head scoring

    Playoffs in Week 15 and 16

    Roster Positions: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, K, D, D, D, DB, DL, DL, BNx10
    (this means that you must start the named positions and you have 10 Bench slots for backups). We play with IDPs (individual defensive players).

    I have won this league the last two years running and I'm looking for a challenger to take me down.

    I have also kept track of who has signed up and then dropped out in midseason in the past. If you're going to bag on the league DON'T BOTHER JOINING. It makes it suck for everyone else if you quit midseason.

    1) Bragging rights, of course
    2) I'm putting up a tub of Nitrean from AtLarge to start. We'll see if anyone else can man up and contribute to the loot.

    Post here or PM me.
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