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    I am Relentless...

    This is my old journal.

    This is the record of where I got to with inconsistent efforts and a lack of commitment. All in all, it's not bad. I came out of it stronger, more knowledgeable and with a superior body composition to when I started.

    But I wanted more.

    In many areas of my life I have the simultaneous advantage and disadvantage of being able to achieve above average competence without really trying. I'm not trying to brag; it's just how it is. This leads to immediate gratification with many new endeavours as I can easily achieve a 'journeyman' type of proficiency. This also means I can be involved in a lot of projects and groups and hobbies and so on and enjoy myself in all of it.

    But I crave excellence. I crave MASTERY. THat said, this craving was directionless and it sputtered on and off as I achieved temporary satisfaction by becoming "pretty good" at some new thing, adding to my personal "Jack of all Trades" list.

    Then I realized something. I have, in the past, been able to achieve excellence and mastery. I have been able to achieve aggressive material, relationship and spiritual goals. But it required a relentless pursuit. I became a monomaniac at various points in my life and as a result, progressed rapidly in certain areas.

    So the challenge before me now is to harness my ability to relentlessly pursue my goals WITHOUT losing focus and WITHOUT becoming monomaniacal. I have multiple personal, physical and creative goals I want to pursue and I need to find a way to progress them every day, every week.

    This journal will be a record of my response to that challenge. The name change? That's part theatre and part personal reminder. Every time I logon to WBB I'll see it. Relentless will also be a word that will be inscribed in many locations throughout my life, reminding me not just to keep at it, but the greater context of "balanced relentlessness" (if that's even a legitimate term).

    More later.
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