12th August 2006

My actual start date is going to be the 21st August, as I am waiting on 'Thermocin' suppliment and a few pieces of equipment. In the mean time I am just continuing with my old routine.

Any way, back ground. My name is Marc and I am a 19 year old university student living in the South West of England. I began dieting and increasing my exercise 'slightly' and it was just literally cutting out the crisps, choclate, fizzy drinks, sweets, cheese, etc. Where as for exercise I took up kick boxing for an hour twice a week. That was 2/3 months ago and I have lost to date around 18 pounds. I currently weigh 12 stone, 4 pounds and my goal is going to be 11 stone 7 pounds. I am hoping I can keep my current mass, which isn't much, but is slightly above average.

Any way, my plan is to eat clean and literally kick my ass with cardio, the type of cardio I am doing I hope will protect my mass and build upon it, whilst encourage weight loss through fat. My diet is going to include as little fat as possible and a reduced amount of carbs. This will mean my energy will be slightly lower than normal, but I am countering that by taking the 'Thermocin', which is also said to encourage weight loss and reduce the feeling of hunger.

I went around designing my plan based on kick boxing classes. I decided that if I want to be a good student in the art I should build my body up to be able to cope easily and adjust to the work load kick boxing puts on your body. By the end of a kick boxing lesson I am tired and weak, but instead I want to be able to put my whole effort into training and technique.

3/4 days per a week - Cardio / Strength / Stretch - Exercises

Abs based:
40 crunches - hold 2 and release
40 sit ups - hands on chest
40 sit ups - Each Shoulder to oposing knee

Arm based:
20 - Diamond Press Ups
20 - Wide Arm Press Ups
20 - Arms right at side press ups
20 - Planks
20 - Inverted Planks

Leg based
20 - Muay Thai Squats
20 - Standard Squats
20 - Star Jumps
20 - Spin Jump
20 - Tuck Jump

20 minutes running
20 minutes cycling
1000 metres rowing
25 minutes throwing combos on the punch bag
Jab, Cross, Left Hook, Right Hook, Left Body, Right Body, Left Hook, Right Hook
Front Kick, Side Kick, Round Kick, Cresent Kick, Straight Leg kick

20-30 minutes stretching following Thomas Kurz's methods (Ask for details)

2 days per week - one hour kick boxing class - harsh cardio
2 days per week
10 minutes intense cardio - sprinting, inter-walking, jumping, you get the idea
10 minutes conditioning - usually around 100 sit ups, 40 press ups, 40 squat
10 minutes stretching - Stretching muscles in your legs and arms (you get the idea)
15 minutes line work - Usually kicking, punching combinations or bag work
15 minutes Sparring - (3 x 3 minute rounds) Full contact 50% power sparring


Two Eggs for breakfast (I eat the yolks as well, any one disagree with this?)
2 x 100 calories, 2 x 6g protein, 2 x 5g fat

Chicken Teriyaki for lunch in whole meal roll
around 380 calories, 6 grams fat,

Stir fry or Fish and Boiled Potatoes or similar (nothing overly diet-ish) :P
I guess my tea is usually around 600/700 calories

Snack at night is 140g of tuna
I will also have an apple

I drink:
2/3 litres of water a day, 0 calories
tea 1 cup a day, 40 calories
Milk 1/2 pint, 150 calories

200 + 380 + 500 + 200 + 40 + 150 = 1500/1600 ish.

I got told not to go below 1500 or I would store fat >.< I am trying to go along the lines that I used to eat like 2500-3000 a day easily... so dropping that by a lot and doing a lot of exercise will get decent results.

Any way, you are welcome to track my progress and anyone taking a simular routine or can help adapt mine is more than welcome to, so please don't hesitate to post here.