Ive been going to the gym for some time now. Ive been going for quite a while now, but onyl recently have I become more serious about it. I now try to get the most out of my workouts (which i didnt before).

Heres a little history.
3 years ago (im 18 years old now) I was 5'5, and 175 pounds. I decided to lose some weight. I joined the cross country team and ran 7 km 3 times a week and eventually got down to 150 pounds (and grew to about 5'7). I than decided to go to the gym 2 years ago and get bigger and stronger. I went but I was never serious about it. It was a hassle for me... my body hurt and I didnt like it. I still continued with it and began to tone up, but not gain weight (I actually went down to 145 pounds).

Until a few monthes ago I began getting more serious about gaining weight. Im now 155 and 5'10-11.
Ive been gaining quite a bit of size in my arms, chest, and shoulders. My back is also quite big and toned (im really comparing myself to what I used to look like. In reality im quite normal).

Now for the reason why I suck. Ive been increasing the weight for all my excerises except for my chest and triceps. I dont know why.

Heres me routine
Flat bench- 90 pounds (i know i suck)

Incline- 80 pounds (i know i suck even more)

Fly- I use this machine and set it to 110 but I know that if I were to use dumbells I would have 20 pounds in each arm. (hence the suckage)

For tris I do this

I use the rope on the cable and set it to 55 pounds (22.5 pounds per arm)

I than do this excersise where I lift a dumbell over my head. I use 10 pounds for this (suckage!)

I than lift myself using my tris of a bench, keeping my legs on the floor (hard to explain).

I dont know if my technique is right or not. I am gaining size, and Ive gotten many comments on how much better I look compared to last year. But im still not getting stronger. Ive been pushing teh same weight for monthes now and im starting to get upset. Please help!