I'll try to sum up my problem. A few weeks ago I started to notice a slight pain in my wrist, particularly while doing barbell curls. I didn't think much of it because the pain would go away after my first or second set. Well, this week, the pain has gotten much worse. I decided I should take a couple of days off and wait for it to feel better. I did a chest workout two days ago and did not notice any pain while doing it. I woke up yesterday and noticed pain while twisting my hand in either direction like a corkscrew. The pain is on the outside portion of my wrist. There is no swelling or anything like that, just pain while attempting to move my hand in a corksrew-like manner. I am currently unable to even lift just the 45lb bar in 2 hands as I experience pain while doing so.

My question is; has anyone ever experienced something like this? How much time should I take off? I have no idea what is wrong with my wrist, is it possible I sprained it while working out without even realizing it until the next day?