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Thread: Have Shoulder pain - What Chest Exercise Alternatives?

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    Have Shoulder pain - What Chest Exercise Alternatives?

    Ok, so as the title suggests.. i have pretty bad shoulder pain.

    I have rested it for the past 2 weeks, but do not want other parts of my upper body to lag behind anymore. I would like to perform bench press (i usually do DB bench), but the motion is hurting my shoulders, as they are worked during the lift.

    Dips also seem to hurt my shoulders at the bottom of the exercise..

    is there any chest exercise out there that won't hurt my shoulders, so that i can allow them to heal up a bit? actually, it's just one side.. the left. i think thus far, flyes hurt them the least, but i know that's not a true mass builder like benching/dips, etc.

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    how are you on pushups
    started june 06
    now weigh 180lbs 5'4
    age 26
    bench 240lbs
    dead 340lbs
    seated shoulder press 85lbs (each arm)

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    If your shoulder pain inhibits pressing, you should probably consult a medical professional for advice.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    I was stuck with flyes for a looong time. I still can't comfortably do flat bench, but I'm fine with incline work. Have you had your shoulder checked out?

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    If it's pretty bad, definitely see a doctor. Another option is narrowing your grip on the bench press, doing decline bench press, or doing dumbbell presses.


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