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Thread: Water Intake (dehydration)

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    On saturday I was out of town and was only able to drink 10 cups and I normally drink 20. The next morning when I woke up my mouth was so dry that I wasn't even able to swallow. So, I assume I was suffering from dehydration.

    A year ago I used to only drink 2-4 cups of water/day and my mouth was never this dry the next morning. What I figure happened is my body has become accustomed to needing the gallon+ water/day. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Yep ..... as you drink more regular you body tends to still excreet at the same rate. So, if you stop drinking .... your body will continue to p!ss out fluid. This is only temporary.

    This is why the day of a competition ..... water is limited.
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    But let's say you were drinking lots, I'm sure you could slowly lower your drinking count down to maybe 8 or so and it wouldn't do anything?

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