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Thread: Maintenance Calories

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    Maintenance Calories

    As you probably know I have been cutting. Since May 9th I have gone from 200 lbs to 180 lbs. I have just under 160lbs of lean tissue. I've been eating 2000 calories for a few weeks now and my fat loss has stalled. First of all I don't even think I should be eating this few calories by first glance but I'm not overly hungry and it was working. Can I go to 1900 calories then to 1800 calories or is this way too low? I'm very confused.

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    Well, I'm sitting at about 190lbs, and roughly 150lbs of lean mass (depends on which bodyfat measurement I wanna believe

    And I'm at about 2,000cals a day right now. I'm not losing fast, but I've been out of the gym for so long, that my consistency lately and diet appears to be letting me put on a little lean mass while shedding a little fat. I'm following Berardi's theories on what I eat, 3x a week full body workouts, low reps to hold onto muscle mass. 4-5 sets.

    I'm not sure how we compare in height or bodyfat, it sounds like you might be a little shorter and more built than myself.
    if you do cut cals, I would try 1900 for a week and see what happens. be sure to use weight and bodyfat testing to ensure its fat, nto muscle, being lost.

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    Thanks for the reply. We'll see what happens. This cutting is treacherous..hehe

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    I would up your activity, add some HIIT or some variation. See how the weight loss changes, then adjust from there.
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