I went down to the gym yesterday and I saw the decline press machine was open so I started my chest workout on it.. a typical session feels like it always does, so I did my 3 sets and moved on. Normally I'd move from there to the HS Iso Lateral Bench Machine, but it was taken, so I went over to the Wide chest Machine instead, I lodaded it up and did a few reps, it felt light so I started to load more, did a couple more reps and threw on some more weight.

Here's the odd thing about this situation, I ended up packing 320 lb on the machine before I finally lifted to failure, after 4 reps. On the Bench machine I max out at about 250lb. Is there realy that much difference in the leverage of these two machines that it maxes for a 70lb differential?

I highly doubt I added 70lb to my bench in a week, anyone have any insights to add here?