Sup guys, kinda worried about my bench dips and deads. Newbie needing help basically (: Tracking my macros and calories on Fitday, nutrition side of things is going very well.

With the dips, my form begins to suffer halfway through the first set and my body shakes (lol), which makes it worse. I used a chair and a coffee table (No bench yet) and am placing my hands to either side of the chair instead of the edge closest to my arse (Will use a different chair next time). My legs stay straight, and i go all the way down for a few, then i go less and less down as the reps go by. To limit this, i'm stopping when form goes bad and resting for 15 or so seconds, then going at it again till i can pull all the reps off. This takes quite a few breaks, towards the end of the second set i was resting for more just to pull off the last reps. Is this a good idea?

With regards to deadlifts, I was pushing my shoulderblades together instead of pulling them upwards. I know now that this is wrong, but what does it mean by 'pull them up'? Is that move your entire upper body upwards, or just your shoulders like with shrugs? Plus i'm guessing it's a very good idea to keep the bar an inch away from your body @ all times, i found at certain points this was very hard to do

Also, when it came to the chins my upper body was ruined, and i couldn't bring myself to do them, even with a chair to potentially cheat with. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get these out?

Thanks loads =)