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Thread: perfect deadlift form

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    perfect deadlift form

    I found a great instructional video on deadlift form LOL
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    Its a wake I couldnt do that on my max or i'd end up on my ass.
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    This has been posted before and yes, that kid is the biggest moron ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sCaRz*Of*PaiN
    This has been posted before and yes, that kid is the biggest moron ever.
    haha i heard he just did it for a laugh

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    That's definately faked. He bends his arms - no way could he do that if it was really heavy for him. He's fairly big too and that doesn't seem like a lot of weight.

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    This was first posted on the old BruteStrength forums before they went down. He did it as a joke, he posted it on April Fool's Day of this year.

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    been done so closing this thread.
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