I know this sonds weird coming fom a guy who has been here for a while im but revising my new routine and im having trouble decided where to place deadlifts in my routine, but mine is a bit different

i pull both ways (get your mds out of the gutter) but i like to pull both conventional and sumo. i use to place both of them on my two legs days, id pull sumo on monday on my heavy and then pull conventional on thursdays for my "light day"

but when sat back and thought abut my routine and when i experienced my set backs with deadlift injuries ive notced something. i only get pulled muscles when i pull conventional on leg days, back when i pulled conventional by itself on back days ive never had a pulled muscle problem

now my routine i 6 days a week, first 3 days i train "movments" whih is a fancy way of saying training for strength, this means mondays are spent slaving away at thesquat rack, sumo deads, good mornings and all fun things lke that, tuesdays are spent at the benh press, incline prss, floor press, military press .ect. wednesday is spent with alot of rowing and cleans and such.

the next 3 days are spent training muscles whichis away of saying going more for the pump, thursday will be olympc style squats and alot of one leg exercise, friday and saturays is spent with alot of dumbell and unortodox exerciss tobuild chest and back muscles

ie been leaning towards two options, just place deads on monday and alternate each week. but the problem with this is that im not a natural built dedlifter, im tall with short arms respectviely. which means my mechanics are a bit different with each pull and have to make consistant pulls to keep them in check.

the other option is to place heavy sumo deads on leg days and conentional deads on back days (like i used to). sumo deads hits my legs more than conventional so its like a different version of the squat. so with this effort i can pull both ways weekly, no more than 5 sets a piece. the only draw back i possibly see is overtraining the low back. but ive done it like this before and experinced no problems with it, plu the next leg day will be relatively easy on my lower back with lighter weights

im leaning toward option 2 but if anyone has anyother oppinions feel free to throw the out as well and affirmations to criticizism, im open to all suggestions, i will start this next week and keep it up for a while