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Thread: 430kg (948lbs) Deadlift (Check form. What do you think?)

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    How do you stengthen your hands? My deadlift limit is what my hands can hold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordanbcool
    Great vid. Slight rounding but otherwise perfect form.

    The thing I think is more crazy then that dead is his grip strength. I cant think of anyone that can hold onto THAT much weight without straps.

    Upper back rounding is okay. I can think of at least 2 guys that can hold that with no straps: Benedikt Magnusson (970lb DL) and Andy Bolton (971lb DL, World Recordholder).
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    ive been adjusting my form its similar to that, i pulled an easy pr with it actually, i just always straighten my legs to soon, any ideas? i can probley pull 495 if i dont. lol.
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