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Thread: Calories burnt during weights

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    Calories burnt during weights

    Sup guys, another question. Thanks for all the support i've recieved on the forums so far, the community here is really quite inspiring =)

    Basically, if you are aiming for body recomposition via a slow bulk, would it make sense to eat extra calories on training days to compensate for the energy burnt during exercise, or would eating the same amount be wiser, and would this reduce BF%? Cryptic question but hey

    Cheers a lot,

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    That all depends. Day to day caloric intake is not as important as your caloric intake averaged over a longer period of time. If you are in a surplus at the end of the week, that's what really matters as far as gaining weight.

    You don't need to take in extra calories to make up for calories lost on training days, as long as you take in enough calories on off days to put you in an average caloric surplus.
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