Ive been doing the following 3-4 times a week for about 4 months - Im seeing bulk changes def - but my weight and shape are dropping in my thighs, my butt used to be nice and wide and it SEEMS although i know its impossible, that im losing weight in my thighs and butt but gaining elsewhere? I thought if i ate enough and lifted very heavy id BUILD size not lose it??

Leg Press - 3X7reps - 150
Lunge (dumbell) - 3x10reps - 70 in each hand
Cycling (very low speed (low cardio) but very high resistance
Rowing (as above to limit cardio)
Various one legged squats and calf raises (3x10)

WHY am i losing weight, i know i gotta post my diet up, but roughly, is it because im not eating enough>>?

2) This is a bit unrelated - FAT DEPOSITS - i understand that you are born with fat pockets, you cannot increase or decrease the AREA PLACEMENT or AMOUNT of these pockets, only how much fat is in them and ie how big they are. The question is this,

Im naturally very curvy, hips and top, if i were to diet it all off say in 6 months with exercise and nutrition/or get sick and lose it all, would i (if i went back to eating how i did before) gain in the same places the same way in the same amount as before?? If i lose in area B first, will i gain in area B if i eat up again? Or is it lost for good?

Many thanks....for example...middle aged women many gain on midrifts first, even though they wernt like that when they were young, why does the fatty placement move?? thanks!