i posted some of this in another area, but thought it might be better here.

I hurt my bicep waterskiing last thursday.
went to the sports doc on friday. mri result is 50% tear of bicep tendon about 3/8 inch away from forearm bone. bone is good. just tendon is tore. got an appointment wed to go over repair options (natural or surgery) and rehab issues.

i am very concerned with this layoff. i sure dont want to gain any of the weight/fat that i lost in the past couple of years back. those of you that have been through this, what kind of things can i do to keep some of the gains i have made? i would like to discuss these ideas with the doc.

i train at home with freeweights. i am going to talk with the sports doc on wed and find out what they have that i can use to train with in addition to the rehab for my bicep. i would like at that time to discuss with them possible ways to continue to train my muscles. if i could have suggestions from you all, i could bring them up to the doc and see what they have to say.

ideas? advice? natural or surgery?