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Thread: Push/Pull routine

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    Push/Pull routine

    I know that push/pull routine is. Some muscles are made to push some made to pull. But why do alot of people use push/pull routines.

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    Its recommended for beginners. Push/pull/legs. Its easier n your body, IMO.

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    Because you can do all your push movements (bench, dips, skulls etc.) on one day. Then you do all your pulls (rows, curls, chins) on another. Basically, I think it helps keep you from overtraining. If you were to bench one day, you would involve your tri's. Then if you were to work tri's two days later (which like benching, they push) you might overtrain them.

    Same goes for your pulls. If you rowed on monday, you would involve your biceps. THen if you curled wednesday, you would hit your bi's again.

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    Originally posted by TreeTrunks
    Its recommended for beginners. Push/pull/legs. Its easier n your body, IMO.

    I've always wondered why the WBB routine isn't push/pull. Push/Pull isn't necessarily for beginners. I would more likely associate a whole-body routine with beginners, but that ain't necessarily so, either.

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    Push pull trains your body as in integrated system.

    Effective, and efficient.
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