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Thread: Question about BGB routine

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    Question about BGB routine

    I am about the start the BGB routine but I have a question: On day one you do back work, including Bent-over rows 3x8 and optionally Hammer Rows, these are compounds but they do work the biceps. Then on day 2 you do isolation work for biceps - Seated alternating bicep curls 5x5 and Hammer curls 3x8-12, then on day 3 you do Biceps: indirect with pull-ups, chin-ups, pulldowns.
    When Built made the routine she said she does days 1 & 2 then a rest day then day 3. I'm wondering, for someone like me who has been lifting for 5 months is this too much for the biceps and does it give the biceps suffiecient rest?
    This also aspplies to triceps, there are two days on which the tris get indirect work, and one direct tri workout.
    Would it not be better for me to do the direct tricep workout on the same day as shoulders, so that there is only one direct and one indirect tricep workout in a week, instead of two indirect tricep workouts? And also what about putting the bicep isolation excercises on the same day as the bent over rows so that there is only one indirect bicep workout and not two.
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