That curl video reminded me of what I saw a few backs. It was two guys on a bench and now have a new name for it its called the Bench Curl. See it invovles two poeple, one person benching and one spotting now you ensure that the person is over what they can handle in the range of what you can curl. So you toss that weight on the bar and he attempts to bench you attempt to curl it, and in your attempts you get the weight up, then you repeat. You can get really big biceps too after a while, depending on how big your partners ego is.

O yea and a second work out I saw its called Hump Da Air Curl

You stand in the middle of the squat rack with 55 LBs, and you stick your but out backwards then you throw it forward and you use the speed to get the bar up over to your chest. To redo simply quickly release the bar downward sticking your but back again then prepare to hump it again.

Lately i've seen a lot of poeple curling in a such a way I jsut want to go over there and go WTF ARE YOU TRYING TO DO!