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Thread: Some followup pics, 15 weeks training.

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    Some followup pics, 15 weeks training.

    My first picture post (6 weeks into training) JUN 21


    Aug30th pictures and info below:

    15 weeks into training I've progressed much in strength and numbers. Gained 8 pounds since my 6 week mark, I'm around 153lbs now. I'm not sure I look better in these pics, but I've been feeling better in the mirror?

    My lifting numbers have gone up huge on most everything. I'm not sure my shape is showing the difference, but the strength is there. I think I might have gained some fat in those 8 pounds which is hiding some underneath.

    Before you all ask - Legs are coming along well but not ready to show them.

    My squat and leg numbers as a whole have gone flying, my bench went to working sets up to 245x5 reps (last set), my back/bi exercises have gone flying too. Why am I not much bigger? I should probably start using a measuring tape or something because my own perception is misleading me.
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