thats right, chocolate milk for the win baby!

This morning, as usual, I got out of bed to make some scrambled eggs. Now generally (not sure how everyone else makes them), but I mix the eggs, a little bit of white milk and some salt/pepper in a bowl..and empty that to the frying pan.

However, this morning the container we use for the white milk (we use 1.5L bags) was in the sink...and I would have had to wash it...and dry it...and then goto the fridge and get a bag of milk..and open that...and then pour it into my egg mixture. As all of this went through my head I was staring at my chocolate milk container (choc milk to drink w/ my eggs) and I figured...I will just pour a bit of chocolate milk into my egg mixture.

So, a few minutes later im eating brown scrambled eggs with a hint of chocolate flavor. They were pretty gross and the even the look made them less desirable.