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Thread: Health risk of too much vitamin A from Sweet Potatoes?

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    Health risk of too much vitamin A from Sweet Potatoes?

    I realize that excessive consumption of vitamin A (generally considered to be greater than 3000 micrograms per day) can have adverse effects on one's health. I generally eat one to two 10 oz (measured raw) sweet potatoes per day, which I believe puts me over the recommended limit for vitamin A intake. However, I was under the imrpession that the vitamin A found in sweet potatoes was in the form of beta carotene, a provitamin which is then converted by the body into vitamin A. If I remember correctly, if one already has ingested the necessary amounts of the vitamin, then beta carotene will not be transformed; thus, there is no resulting excess of vitamin A

    Should I be worried w/ my consumption of sweet potatoes?

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    if you start going yellow then i'd say yes haha...

    seriously though, you need levels over 100,000 IU of retinol before it's considered toxic. No real need to worry about sweet potatoes.
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    Agreed to what Robboe said. Also if you are on certain medication which are part of the retonoids, i.e. accutane, then it is advisible to consume under 5000 IU's per day.
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