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Thread: A bottom up journey to fitness..CrossFit..

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    A bottom up journey to fitness..CrossFit..

    Journal entry 1:

    Folks, you are about to witness something incredible.. A little background first..

    I'm a 23 year old semi active, average all around male. There is nothing genetically superior about me, physically anyway.. I wrestled and played various other sports all through high school, and lifted pretty agressively for size through the first year and half of college. I made good gains but let it all go to waste when I went away to school (drinking, sex, periods of sleep deprivation and overload).. I just started to care again (I'm considering this coming week my first week, even though it's actually week two). My routine is young and consists of only lifting and resting. It's an adapted version of one of the WannaBeBig routines (I loved these routines when I was into it). It's three days per week in the typical one on/one off format. I work opposing muscle groups together. Weds is legs/abs, Fri is Arms/Shoulders, Mon is Chest/Back. My diet is atrocious but is slowly getting back onto track.

    My previous goals were for size, nothing else mattered. Not anymore, now the quest is for general fitness. Flexibility, power, and stamina mainly. First, I have to shed the bodyfat. Then I have to build myself up to even average stamina and strength (Should only take a couple of weeks, I'm not that far gone). Then the true tests begin.

    My Stats (Accuratley Estimated for now)
    -23 Years old
    -175-180lbs (depending on the day)
    -Estimated ~25% BF (I dont plan on having this tested all that much, I'm going by visual results as I progress)
    -No measurements were taken, I dont care about measurements yet.

    My Plan
    Last week and this upcoming week will be used to get rid of the n00b soreness after lifting so I can up the ante a little bit. My legs are STILL painful to move after Weds workout and I'm nursing and injured knuckle (football season started, thursdays game was a frustrating one). During the course of this week I'll be gathering resources and developing a game plan to start CROSSFIT training. I've done some reading on it already, and have a VERY loose idea of how I'm going to handle it. I still dont understand everything about it, but I'll get there. I've also read a few members journals on here and have gotten a some ideas about a possible good way to handle it (props to Anthony for keeping such a damn good journal, I hope you don't mind I'm borrowing some of your ideas). I want to continue to increase my muscle mass WHILE I do all the other stuff. My routine MAY look like this. Four days on, two days off. Powerlifts/CrossFit/Olympic Lifts/CrossFit/Rest/Rest/Repeat. Since routine is supposedly the enemy, I'm thinking I'll alter my rep ranges weekly. So if the first week I'm doing high reps, the next week I'll do low reps and so on. I havent yet figured out what I'm going to do on days that the CrossFit workout calls for lifting (any advice on this matter greatly appreciated). I also dont have access to rings or parallel bars and I'm not too sure how my gyms management will react to me
    doing Handstand pushups against their beautiful mirrors. I'll figure something out (advice here also would be great). I anticipate my diet being the most difficult part of this whole damn thing. My diet currently is disgusting. I had my diet planned out to the T and it took me a while to get it perfect. I'm currently working with beginner ****. You know, the good for a couple days then a setback and what not. For example, I had some greasy chinese food last night, after keeping the diet pretty good for the past few days. While my brain thanks me, my stomach says "F*ck you, now im not taking your Oatmeal breakfast this morning.....B*TCH".. All I could stomach was a banana and some protein shake. Eventually my diet will consist of good carbs only, a healthy balance btwn all the nutrients, and plenty water. I'm not going to place too much on counting the calories and getting exact numbers, just consistent. I'll try to keep the ratios to body weight where they should be...

    My journal entries and comments on such will be a part of my motivation so any feedback, advice, critical comments would be appreciated, as well as smart ass comments. I'll try to be posting as often as possible..

    Good day..

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    You are sort of in the stituation I was in about 4-5 months ago and I have to say you have worked some good ideeas out a lot earlier than I did.

    I do have a question of sorts though. Why a day for Oly lifts? Don't get me wrong I think Oly lifts are great and have a place in most peoples routines. You are going to get a good bit of Oly lifts from Crossfit though and working a few more in a PL routine wouldn't be that hard. If it is a matter of personal preference then no worries.

    Also remember that if you just really want an Oly day then you could design your own CF workouts that don't include Oly lifts since you are doing those elsewhere.

    I am doing a combo PL/Crossfit routine. Where I PL four days a week and then I Crossfit 1-2 days depending on how I feel with one day of total rest off.

    CF has subs for rings and bars so that isn't such a big deal but yes I have a bit of trouble with my gym sometimes over CF stuff. If you try to stay out of the way they will probably leave you along for the most part though.

    Oh if you can stomach it you might want to toss in some HIIT twice a week or so.

    Good luck.


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