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Thread: What this forum is for

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    What this forum is for

    Hey guys, as you can tell we've now got this section of the board up and open for business.

    We've had a strong interest in powerlifting here for quite awhile, and an increasing interest in Olympic weightlifting, strongman, and other forms of strength and performance related training.

    This obviously is my passion, and I know a lot of current members and potential new members share it with me.

    This forum is not just about the sports of powerlifiting or weightlifting. Anything that has to do with the improvement of strength can and should be posted here.

    I encourage everyone to post strength training links, routines, news, or any related material here as freely as you wish, along with any questions or discussion ideas you might have. I know that personally I'll be trying to keep the content as fresh and lively as possible, and I hope the rest of you will feel free to do the same.

    Thanks, and enjoy!

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    This is an important addition to WBB. I hope that i can contribute.
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    This is gunna be fun and nobody told me about it!


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    I'm glad we got a pure strenght section now. I'll try to contribute as much as I can.
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    This forum rules.
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    at large nutrition rules geat job chris mason

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    i think this is a great place for people to come if they're not intersted in bodybuilding, and there can be a bit of conflict between strength and size athletes. gret addition

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    Great forum, powerlifting rules!...


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