I've been training extremely hard but in a strongman/powerlifter hybrid mix.

Pushing my body to the limit every workout has caught up to me, everytime I lift I always tried to lift more weight then the last workout and it worked great for a while. Today my knees buckled on my 2nd set ( 315) and my 3rd set which was 500 for 6 I got with parallel but my knees were crackin so bad and hurting I just had to stop.

If your knees give out they will never be the same, I tried to take it easy but I was short of breath, light headed, and my gag reflex kept kicking. Here's a look at my workout today. ( Im going to start training like a bodybuilder for now on, I really wanted to win state this year but I don't think my joints can handle it. I just hope I can change my training and not lose strength)

500x6 ( planned for 2-3 more sets but my body told me no)

Leg press
800 3x10 ( only about 15 reps out of 30 were full rom.)

Leg extention
2x12 135

Deep squats
3x10 315 ( 1 minute rest in between)

Hamstring curls
3x12 225
1x12 35 ( one leg strict motion, felt like icecicles shootin up my legs)

In terms of a bodybuilding workout it wasn't too bad, whole thing took me about 70 minutes. I'm going to compare it too my last leg workout which took 2 hours.

1x10 135
1x8 315
1x6 500
1x3 585
1x4 605(went to failure, each one strict parallel)

315 2x8
405 2x5

Two exercises, was all I needed when going for strength. I took around a 5 minute break between sets after I completed warm ups, those had a 2 minute rest.

Does that look like a decent transition, I plan on trying to keep a similar strength routine but just lower the time inbetween sets. My body is not matured enough for what im putting it through. Talking to alot of pro bodybuilders and powerlifters they reccomend that I take it easy, it might work now but eventually its just going to get the best of me.

I want to look good but thats not the reason for my routine change, its definately a bonus but I need to give my body a good 2-4 months to let my joints catch up and get my CNS to recover. I've also been having alot of lower back pains, I have had a lot of tightness in my hamstrings so many some strict stretching in the mornings in night will ease the tightness. Im weighing 278 right now which is a 60 pound gain since january( My body isn't used to carrying this weight so dropping 20 pounds of fat might make things easier) Im just trying to keep yall informed on my progress and I'd like for any advice on the subject, if anyone has experieced anything similar please inform me. I just need to completely revamp and hopefully be squatting 650 by next feb ( With a single ply suit, ive been lifting raw) and be more physically fit. My first plan is to shorten downtime, no workout should last more then an 1hour and a half.