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Thread: Time to give this "Westside" training a shot

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    Rippetoe makes me strong!

    I've hung around these forums for a while now, but finally decided to start a journal.

    A little history
    I started off wanting to get big and defined. I gained 15 lbs (from 135 to about 150 lbs) and looked a lot bigger. Unfortunately, I'm a student and keeping up a healthy and (relatively) inexepensive diet of 3200 calories per day probably won't happen. So I've decided to maintain/slow bulk and get strong. I mean really strong. So what better way to do that than Westside?

    Vital Stats
    Height: 5' 8.5"
    Weight: 148 lbs
    Age: 20 years, 2 months
    Bench: 145 lbs
    Squat: 265 lbs
    Dead lift: 265 lbs
    Total: 675 lbs

    I'm actually quite pleased with my diet. I regularly eat 3200 calories, always with at least 150 g protein and 75 g fat. For the most part I eat very clean, but it's not perfect. I actually enjoy cooking, so I buy foods in their most unprocessed form and make it myself. The only supplement I use is Nitrean - about 2 scoops per day, depending on how my protein/calorie intake is doing. I want to start taking creatine again, but I left it at home when I moved to school. Although it is cheap, I don't really want to buy another tub of it.


    Long term:
    2xBW bench, 3xBW squat, 4xBW dead.

    Short term:
    300 lb squat - I think I can do this in about 5 weeks
    300 lb deadlift - same kind of time frame
    200 lb bench press - maybe by Christmas. Not my strong spot, so progess is all I can ask for.

    I've set up my workout as follows:

    Sunday: ME Squat/Deadlift
    Monday: ME Bench press
    Wednesday: DE Squat/Deadlift
    Thursday: DE Bench press

    The reason for setting it up like this? I'm a student, I like to drink on fridays.

    Today, being Sunday, I did my first attempt at ME Squat/Deadlift. Here's my workout:

    Deadlift: 5x135, 3x185, 3x205, 2x225, 1x245, 1x255, 1x265
    Zercher Squats: 8x115, 7x135, 6x135
    Hanging Leg Raises: 10, 8
    Back Hyperextensions: 15, 12x10

    Notes: I was pretty happy with this workout. I set a PR on deadlift, after barely working out during the summer. These 3 guys, who were half squatting 185, were starring at me as I kept adding weight to my deadlift. It's not that much weight, but I workout in a student gym full of curl and bench jockeys. Hey, at least they were doing legs. I wanted to do at least 3 sets of leg raises and hypers, but I felt very sick and tired. Next time I'm bringing a shake to sip on while working out...I needed something with calories.

    So please feel free to make comments and give me suggestions - I like feed back, especially from the WBB crew!!
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