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    i havevent lifted seriously for about a year and im trying to get back into the swing of things. i always used to do mondays wednesdays and fridays only at the gym but that seems like too little to me now. I live at school so i could go to the gym any time, and i know alot of kids that are going everyday, should i start going everyday cuz only 3 days a week sounds like too little time at the gym. i basically did WBB routine 1, but maybe i could do all bis mon, shoulders tu, legs wed, chest thur, and tris fri? i dunno just wondering what the best way to get back into the swing of things is, thanks

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    Use a full body routine 3-4 times a week focusing on big compound movements. Add some type of sprinting intervals 1-2 times a week. Take at least one full rest day per week. Vary your reps/sets/intensity. Eat lots of good food.

    I think that covers everything you need.
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    agreed.. i prefer upper/lower twice a week but fullbody with varying intensity/rep range is real solid also

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    I've found this works well for me:

    Monday - Legs (squat, SLDL, hack squat, etc)
    Tuesday - Back (pullups, BB rows, DB rows...) and Biceps
    Thursday - Chest and Triceps
    Friday - Deadlift + Shoulders
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