Hey guys, I'm a 21 year old male living in Australia. I currently weigh 55kgs, am 183cm tall (almost exactly 6 foot), and cannot gain weight if my life depended on it. To list quickly what I've done;

- I do a 4 day split lifting heavy ~6 reps. Exact routine is on the url below.
- I squat.
- I deadlift.
- I consume massive amounts of whey powder, in the morning, pre, post workout and before bed.
- I eat everything in sight, my diet is generally good, lots of protein, but I'll eat junk too if offered.
- I eat frequently, trying to get at least 5 meals into me per day.
- I have access to both creatine and glutamine, have used both in the past, but not recently.
- I max out on every set.
- I stick it out; I've been doing that routine for about 2 months, mixing it up a bit so as to shock my body a bit.

Obviously I'm an extreme ectomorph, and I never expected to pack the pounds on, but it is frustrating to put all this effort into it my workout and still see few results. Over the summer I manage to reach 62kg, but then a eyesight problem* kept me out of the gym for a while and I dropped back down to 55kg. Now for all my effort I cannot gain it back. So my question is; what am I doing wrong? Could there be a medical reason? I vaguely remember reading about some guy who had a hyper-active thyriod or something, and without medication he could not put on weight. Any advice or help would be great, I'm getting almost desperate.


* Chronic headaches and fatigue caused by a very slight short sightedness. Not enough for me to really notice, but my brain was working extra hard constantly trying to focus, and it took a while to work it out.