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Thread: You and your milk

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    You and your milk

    Interesting and short documentary about the use of The use of rBST, or rBGH in US consumed milk.
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    I dropped 8 dollars on a gallon of organic milk just out of curiosity.

    Man was it different. It looked, smelled and tasted cleaner. I've had raw milk a few times right on the farm and allthough this was 2% I think it was about as close as you can get.

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    8 dollars?! Man, I wish organic milk was cheaper. =\
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    My sister has been an organic eating vegatarian for 15+ years and she got cancer at the ripe age of 31, while breastfeeding which she had been doing for 4 years (probably the main thing that saved her from this type of breast cancer). If it wants you, there is not much your going to do about it.

    I'm not saying eat, drink and be merry because you can INFLUENCE your health, but when it comes to primarily genetically determined deseases your wasting your time worrying all day about what goes into your mouth. Now when it comes to more trivial matters like body composition you have more finite control.

    I would just like someone to explalin to me how the hormones and ghit they inject cattle with are:
    1. Lasting long enough for me to actually ingest
    2. Making it through my degestive system.
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