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Thread: Get Built - Issue 2 - By MariAnne Anderson - Sept 4th 2006

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    Get Built - Issue 2 - By MariAnne Anderson - Sept 4th 2006

    MariAnne answers your questions relating to weight training, nutrition, sport supplementation. This months subjects are 'The number one most important variable to fat loss success' and 'Sugar and it's role in the body in relation to exercise.

    Check out the article here -

    Thanks to MariAnne for another great issue and let the comments commence!!!


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    Built, I'm loving the sexy looking back in that pic.

    Thanks for posting the guideline on using the sugars, good stuff there.

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    Awesome article. Explain much better than what I have seen so far. And I love the fact that it gives the example of how Nitrean values fit into picture. Either that's a coincedence or you guys @ ALN know what you'r doing. I'm definitely getting me some Nitrean when I start bulking...
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