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Thread: Question about this product - Quick Cooking Brown Rice

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    Question about this product - Quick Cooking Brown Rice

    I have been eating this lately, I just want to know if anyone here can tell me is this stuff as good as regular brown rice?

    This is all the info I can really find on the site -

    "SunRice Quick Cooking Brown Rice is a brown rice that cooks in only 10 minutes. Regular brown rice normally takes 25-30 minutes to cook. How do we get such a quick cooking brown rice? SunRice Quick Cooking Brown rice has undergone a process where it has been partially steamed then dried. Perfectly natural for perfect, quick brown rice."

    So I'm guessing its just regular brown rice that's been partiall cooked, if that's the case, will this still have the lower GI and extra fiber of regular brown rice?

    If anyone knows anything about this or similar products please let me know.


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    Nothing pre-cooked or pre-processed is ever as good as the genuine article.

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    Basix, what holto said is true; that the less a factory has touched a food the better. That said, the product you are talking about is good - it has, as it says, only been partially cooked. I eat it at home, quick and easy.


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