Hey everyone, my name is Kieran and I'm an extreme hardgainer. Bleh, sounds like an AA meeting introduction, but there you go.

I'm 21 years old, live in Australia, and have been doing gym on and off (and poorly) for about a year. Due to a series of illnesses and injuries I've been out of the gym for about 5months, and have lost what little mass I gained. I'm not concerned though, over those few months I did a ton of research and worked out a lot of things I was doing wrong. I was your typical skinny, pale kid curling away in the corner of the gym for quite some time. The main reason I do gym is because I enjoy it, health, but mainly because I'm sick of being so damn skinny. I want to put on weight, and I'd rather be skinny than fat.

My current stats are:

~57 kgs (125.5lbs)
183cms (6'0")
Will post my lifts next week, as this week will be a test to see if my back has recovered (the injury I mentioned), and practices my forms. I've never deadlifted.

I'd like to reach this by late April next year (my birthday):

70kg (155lbs)
Bench: 70kg (bar + two largest plates)
Squat: 120kg (all the weights I own, I'd like to buy more)
Deadlift: Don't know, as I mentioned I've never done them before. Could someone give me a realistic goal? Thanks.
Pull ups: My own weight! Perhaps 10 reps?

I'd expect these to change, I've never set goals for myself, I always just went to the gym, did my routine and grew slowly. So I'm unsure what goals are achievable and what aren't.

Main reason I'm doing this is motivation, but also so that people can guide me and correct me if I'm doing anything wrong. I use a home gym, so I don't have access to many fancy machines, nor can I get advice of other gym members. My home gym consists off:

1x Power rack with high/low cable attachment
1x incline/flat/decline bench
2x Standard spinlock dumbell handles
1x Standard 7ft barbell with spring locks
120kgs of various sized weight

I liked the look of that "Baby Got Back" routine. My only problem is I don't have access to a leg extension machine. I figured I could subsitute them with hack squats, or zercher (that spelt correctly?) squats, or something similar.

My diet too will have to change, I know now this was the biggest problem with my attempts to gain weight last time. I stayed away from carbs, and ate a ton of protein. Now I'm just going to eat everything in sight. A lot of white bread, pasta, rice and cereal. Even McDonalds if offered.
I'll eat protein too of course, but I'll be sucking down peanut butter on toast every moment I can, even if I'm not hungry.I also have a 1:1 carbrotein whey powder mix which I'll be consuming as often as I can too.

Thank you for reading this! If you have any advice on how I could improve my routine or diet, please tell me! I am highly concerned about over training too, so if you see any signs indicating towards this, please inform me. Thanks!