Back Day.


225 Warmup
315 Warmup
375 x 12 - I had to stop after the 8th rep to re-adjust my grip but only rested a couple seconds total.


350 x 12
350 x 12

Lat Cable Pulldowns


Kept it light again, my back's definitely feeling a little better though. Still got tight for a little bit but not nearly as bad as weeks before. I did however get an explosive headache during my 315 warmup and had a headache the rest of the workout which didn't help things.

I'm getting really antsy with this back bull****, haven't gone heavy in a few weeks now and it doesn't seem like things are gonna be healed back to normal anytime soon. I was really hoping to have pulled 500 by now and it's starting to get real discouraging when pussy ass weight like 375 bothers me a little.