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Thread: Training while working nightshift

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    Training while working nightshift

    Hi, im just starting out but as i work nightshift im not sure when to do it. In the morning before i go to bed or in the evening when i wake up. Anybody know?

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    I work nights and work out about 45 minutes after I wake up.

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    Just do it whenever you feel you have the most energy to, and when it's the most convenient. It's not really that important.
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    Just out of curiosity.. What do you call a lunchbreak if you work nights? Is it your midnight snack breaK?
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    Sucks finding a place to eat that late. Bag lunch.

    That kind of shift sucks, period, for me. I did it for 2 weeks. Never again. Though I worked 160 hours those 2 weeks, and drove an hour and back every day.

    I was too exhausted to do anything those two weeks. Made good money, but it wasn't worth it.

    Wait... What was the topic?

    Oh, it doesn't matter. I would do it when I get home for the night, but that's my preference.
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    when i work overnight i usually do it at about 7 o clock if i work the 10-6 shift
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