Wow... Long time no see for this board! I had a great plan this summer, just as my boy (deedeR) did... However, again it didnt go as planned. I ended up having my knee, which some of you know was giving me problems, start giving me huge issues. I laid off of weightlifting completely for about 4 months and just did some horseback riding to keep myself in shape. Now, Im starting to do some upper body work but that is all I am able to do for now, any sort of motion in my leg causes me severe pain and I am unable to support weight (basically that means, no squats, deads, SLDLs or anything fun ... ). This will go on until I get surgery which could be another year, possibly longer.

So in the meantime, I guess Ill just keep you guys up to date with what im doing, or attempting to do anyways, for the next little while. Its all dependant upon my knees and the amount of pain im in, any bad days are a no, because I do use my legs as support in most everything.

It sux... but hopefully as Deeder says, itll be my chance to balance myself out because my upper body is no where near the same size as my lower body. When I come back I should be good (after some rehab), so cross your fingers that surgery will come sooner rather then later....

Anyways, heres a rough outline of my split. I need to do some adjustments yet, everything as I said is dependant on my knees so some things I might not be able to do some weeks. Right now im mixing in 3X15's and 5X5's, trying to balance endurance and strength. Eventually as I get back into shape ill move more into 5X5's but with me being unable to do most compound movements I dont think Ill achieve very much.... It sux but its better then not being able to walk cuz i was an idiot... As you can tell, since I only have a few areas I can work its pretty hard on those areas. But hey, gotta feed the buzz somehow right

- one arm dumbell rows
- Lat pulls
- assisted pull ups (assisted cuz im weak.... lol)
- bicep curls
- Preacher curls (if I still have any juice left... which I usually dont by this point)

- Bench Press
- Flies
- Incline Bench Press
- Tricep cable Pushdowns
- Tricep Dips (if I still have any juice left)

- ARNIES ( my fave....)
- Shoulder press
- Incline Rear Raises
- Back Hyperextensions (IF my knee permits)
- Weighted cable pulldowns

On days where my knee isnt especially bad I will do other non-weighted ab and back work. (ie. regular situps, supermans etc. Just something to give it a bit more work because the weighted stuff takes alot outta me right now). Thats about it... I might try to work in some swimming too, but right now im trying to get myself a job at a farm so i can do some riding in the meantime... but we will see.

Anyways, happy to be back! Hopefully this journal will be able to document my surgery and subsequent rehab as well as other weighted work. If you guys have any tips (have been through this kind of injury before) then it would be helpful. Until then...

HI! ... Again...