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Thread: Weird Heart Beat Feeling

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    Weird Heart Beat Feeling

    Sometimes when im just sitting around or trying to go to sleep I get this weird feeling that feels like Ive been scared or am falling in my chest. It usually goes along with my heart beat and every other beat or so i get the feeling. Do you think this is serious. It doesnt happen all the time but it happens frequently enough. Any ideas what this may be.
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    Most likely anxiety or have you had any stimulants earlier? Ie coffee, coca cola, Cocaine (j/k)... Couple of Monster energy drinks?

    If it really bothers you, then go see a doc... They can tell you if its anything...

    Peace out...

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    Sounds like palpitations. These can be brought on by anything really, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, change in diet, tiredness, anxiety,lack of pottasium... the list goes on!

    If you can identify what makes you have them try and avoid it. Many people have palpitations every now and again (myself included - induced by smoking, drinking and lack of carbs) but once you know what causes them just avoid it.

    If you still get them fairly frequently go and see your doctor. If they get really bad they can be controlled by drugs but i'm sure you won't have to go down this route.


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    I get them every so often and they can cause me concern just because of the history in my family. IF they are accompanied by pain or extreme dizzyness/puking, see a doc immediately. If it just feels like your heart skips a beat and you get dizzy for a second dont worry about it, just cut back on your caffeine, alcohol, nicotine etc. and make sure to sleep lots. Dont worry unless its happening very frequently!
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    Yeah, it's very common, as Ruffian said, if it hurts or you're dizzy from it, see a doctor. If it's just your heart fluttering, don't worry about it. I get them from time to time myself.


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