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Thread: How do I gain 21lbs in the shortest period possible?

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    How do I gain 21lbs in the shortest period possible?

    Hi there. A little background first. I have being training in muay thai and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu for some years. I've started eating more and using weight training to increase my weight. I've being doing this for the past 8 weeks or so. I have made some progress, gainning about 10lbs. I am 5.9" and currentley weigh in at 175lbs, 13% bodyfat.

    My question is this. How would one obtain a weight of 196lbs in the shortest time frame possible. I am refering to gainining fat and fluid as well as muscle weight.

    My weight trainnig consists of a few compound movements going as heavy as I can for 6-8 reps with 3 sets.

    I eat healthy proteins, carbs, fats and consume lots of water but also eat junk to try and boost calories.

    Any suggestions would be greatfully acknowledged.
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