Since I'm in the midst of trying to gain some weight, and always have a hard time with it, here are some signs that you may not be eating enough to achieve your weight gain goals.

1. You think about food constantly. (If you're thinking about it, you're not eating).

2. You see a McDonalds/BK/Wendys/etc commercial and say "Hmm, that looks good" when you should already be eating it and saying "Yeah, this is good".

3. You have food in your refrigerator. (You should have eaten it by now!)

4. You saw that dead possum in the road and just drove past. (Wasteful!)

5. You thought you saw a vein on your arm somewhere.

6. You went to the ice cream place twice today and they still have some left.

7. You STILL don't know what your dog tastes like.

8. You get to the checkout counter at the grocery store and there's still some food left in the packages.

9. Your nephew shoved a soggy graham cracker in your mouth and you spit it out. (I'm ashamed of you.)

10. Your neice STILL hasn't sold the most girl scout cookies in her troop. And it's all your fault you skinny bastid.