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Thread: Torn Meniscus

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    Torn Meniscus

    During football practice last Tuesday my knee buckled and i felt a pop. The trainer and the doctor said I tore my lateral meniscus. I have an MRI on thursday. Has anyone does this before and know how long recovery takes?
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    It won't "heal" without surgery if in fact something in the knee is torn. You do not have to have it over time. Time frame varies for individuals.

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    Really different for everyone. Do your rehab for starters. You may need surgery and you may not. It's more than likely going to be a comfort over function problem. Your knee will still probably work the same (depending on the location and extent of the tear) but it may be painful.

    It personally took me about 7 weeks to get back to normal training and probably 16 weeks before I was 100% again. But everyone is different.

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    YEah, good advice, everyone is different but take it SLOW. Tears in the tendons can bother you for LIFE if you dont rehab it properly. Actually GOING to a rehab center will be huge. Lay off any contact sports and just let it rest for a bit. Surgery is a must, no questions asked. Im going to have mine partially ripped (on purpose though) and they're estimating a 2 month recovery for me... i imagine something similar for you.

    Dont rush it and take at least one week off entirely with just mild stretching to allow the worst of the wound to heal. You dont want to hurt yourself anymore then you already have!
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