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Thread: Losing Fat, Gaining muscle (again)

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    Losing Fat, Gaining muscle (again)

    I don't mean to repeat myself, I apologize, but I posted this question on the Bodybuilding/Weightlifting Board, but felt it would be better placed here, along with some added info.
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    well you simply cant gain muscle and lose fat at the same time if you are doing it naturally, what most people do is go gaining muscle for like 4 moths then go to loose fat for arround 3 months, repeat untill you are tyhe way you wanna be

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    First you need decide what you want for the near future. Strength/Power or lower bf.

    If it's strength/power then lift 3-4 times per week with some HIIT mixed in. Eat healthy foods and eat at or just below maintenance. Gaining strength on low cals is hard to do.

    If it's to lower your bf%, then I would continue what your doing but less cardio. Do HIIT twice a week instead. Remember you lose bf by caloric deficit not doing cardio till no end.

    Also, cut down the warm up to 10mins, no need to go much longer, imo.
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