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Thread: quick question about a heavy bag

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    quick question about a heavy bag

    I heard that hitting the heavy bag builds upper body strength. But i was wonder how long should I hit the bag for and how many times a week should i hit the bag. Plus I'm doing wbb #1 so should I throw the heavy bag work on my days off. Thanks

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    It doesn't build much strength at all, in my opinion...there are tons of tiny boxers that can work the hell out of a heavy bag. Making the bag fly has a lot more to do with technique than how strong someone is.

    There are tons of bag routines around if you just search google or boxing sites.

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    I wouldn't get to caught up in trying to figure out the amount of times etc.

    The bag is a good workout. It gets the heart going and works most of the body. If your ultimate goal is to build muscle you may find that hitting it too often not only mess with muscle recovery (the bag hits the shoulders and triceps hard) but it will also perhaps be too much cardio.

    If I were trying to gain weight, I would use the bag once, maybe twice a week tops. If your looking to cut or your number one goal is not to gain weight and muscle a few more times wouldn't hurt.

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    Bag training will lean alot more toward cardio. I hit the bag atleast once a week. Mainly because I enjoy doing so. I second googeling for a routine, tons of em out there.
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