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Thread: I need help getting a good workout plan w/ a tight schedule

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    I need help getting a good workout plan w/ a tight schedule

    I dont have much time between school, cross country and homework.
    I would like to get back in shape for wrestling and improve my times for cross country.
    Right now I have a weightlifting class which is about 35-40 mins of actual lifting w/ my lifting partner.

    workout schedule: weight room
    mon - Bench, Pullovers, Curls; if i have time, Incline bench
    tue - leg curls, Dead lift, Weighted crunches
    wed - DB Bench, High pulls, Big 21 (curls)
    thur - DB Lunge, DB squat, Cleans
    Fri - Stripdown bench, Stripdown curls

    workour schedule: Cross country
    Mon - distance
    Tue - Hill Repeats
    Wed - Speed
    Thur - (whatever the coach decides)
    Fri - Short
    Sat - usually a xc meet

    I need help w/ the weight room part. I wanta get my bench from arround 150 to 200 within the next 2-4 months. Another problem is that my right elbow was almost dislocated last wrestling season and collapses when I try to get 150 and the rest of the way down the chart. What is the best way to re strengthen it? just do a lot of reps of light weight?

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    I have been using Charles Staley's ESD and have gotten decent results. 30 minutes is plenty of time.

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    You need a better routine - why are you doing so many curls if you are pressed for time and training for wrestling? Since you have to work fast, you should be efficient - that means no isolation movements, only compounds. Also, you don't need to be training five days a week, especially with cross country in there. I would take it down to 3 days a week and put those on your easier running days.

    Day 1:
    Bench press (your choice of dumbell or barbell, flat or decline)
    Military press

    Day 2:
    Good mornings
    Abs (weighted crunches, or something to effect)

    Day 3:
    Bent-over rows

    Make sure to get your priorities straight: you're going for strength, not beach muscles.


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