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Thread: changing routine, need advice

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    changing routine, need advice

    hey everyone, currently i am doing a 5 day split, one muscle group a day. I have been doings this for a couple months, and getting kind of stale. saw improvements, gained about 5-7 lbs, but i need a change for boredoms sake. what do you think of this one, i found of the bb datebase?
    Workout #1

    EXERCISE Set #1 Set #2 Set #3 Set #4 Set #5 Set #6 Set #7
    Incline Bench Press - 15-10-8-6-6-4-2 Reps
    Flat Dumbell Press - 6-8 Reps
    Incline Dumbell Press - 6-8 Reps
    Smith Machine Press - 10-8-6-4 Reps
    Arnolds - 6-8 Reps
    Front/Lateral Raises - 10 Reps
    SkullCrushers - 10 Reps
    Reverse Grip Press - 10 Reps

    Workout #2

    EXERCISE Set #1 Set #2 Set #3 Set #4 Set #5
    T-Bar Rows - 10-10-8-8-6 Reps
    Machine Pulldown - 10-8 Reps
    Machine Row - 10-8 Reps
    Shrugs - 12-15 Reps
    Barbell Curls - 10-8 Reps
    Dumbell Curls - 10 Reps

    Workout #3

    EXERCISE Set #1 Set #2 Set #3 Set #4 Set #5 Set #6 Set #7
    Squats - 15-10-8-6-6-4-2 Reps
    Deadlifts - 8-10 Reps
    Leg Press - 8-10 Reps
    Leg Extension - 8-10 Reps
    Leg Curl - 8-10 Reps
    Calves - Max Reps

    work out 1-monday, thursday, workout 3-tueday friday and work out 3 wend

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    please, any advice at all

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    the only thing i noticed that i wouldnt try is putting deadlifts in on your leg day, yes deadlifts do work your legs however it hits almost every area of your back...its a great exercise but if your taxing your back on tuesday and thursday just to follow it up with some heavy deadlifts on wed. wheres the recovery? what does the EXERCISE Set #1 Set #2 Set #3 Set #4 Set #5 Set #6 Set #7 mean?

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    Go M W F, instead of 5 days in a row... you need to rest.

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    Do a full body routine 3 days a week or an upper/lower spilt for 4 days. This way everything gets hit at least twice.
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    I think that workout is just too long.
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    Horrible workout.


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