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Thread: decline bench

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    decline bench

    Ok how necessary is it? I never decline bench.... i mean the chest is one muscle so what's the point?

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    It does emphasize the chest more than flat or incline. You can also do weighted dips as an alternative. IMO it's good to help break through a plateau or for variety, but not something that you need to do all the time.

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    yeah everyones opinion varies on this subject... i dont currently utilize it, but i have in the past and i would in the future... it has helped me in the past to push past a plateau, and its nice to change up the workout every now and then, and yes i have found it effective.

    also bench pressing, whether flat or decline doesnt just train the chest. It hits a few other muscle groups as well mainly the TRICEPS.. and i find decline really hits my triceps!
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