Hello everyone,

I did a search to see if a thread like this had been done before, but couldn't find anything. I figured the topic may bring some laughs.

The catalyst for this tread isn't a great story, but it nearly was:

I was doing squats today, and was doing the last rep of my last set. I was going for an extra inch of depth today on all my reps, so needless to say I was testing the critical strength levels of my boxers and shorts. At the bottom of my last rep, just as I'm trying to motivate myself to get the hell up.... "RIIIIIIIIIIIP!"

All I have to say is, no matter how cool you think you are, USE PINS! Without them I would have been an open faced Mike sandwich with 225 pounds of iron for bread.

Back the ripping - it got the attention of those around me, but fortunately it was just my boxers! I got away with one there, and it's taught me to where more elastic underwear!

Surely there are stories out there better than mine... let's hear them!