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    Hey i race motocross and am doing supercross next year. Now i lifted weights for about 3 weeks but have stoped since i have found that i have been getting arm pump alot more, i do alot of running and sprint training.

    But what i want to ask is if anyone on the site races motocross and/or supercross and what kind if weight training they do and if it affects their riding?

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    my dad raced motocross when he my age. i guess he was very good, actually hes still good. to bad xgames and all that wasnt around back then...anyways im not sure if he did any lifting. my guess would be core strengthing would be very important.

    its a rough sport, my dad has to get needles shoved into his knee and back every so offten now. it will take alot out of you
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    i think you are just sore like everybody is when they start lifting. Thats why you are getting more arm pump keep doing the weights it will go.

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    Intervals, conditioning, flexability, mobility drills. Something like crossfit would work well. I have to go really easy a week before a race day or I can't make it though.
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    You have to make sure you're eating enough. Motocross is an insane workout, so you have to fuel your body, especially if it's trying to repair itself from a workout. Make sure you're getting enough protein. Then maybe right before the race get some carbs to give you the energy to keep going. Also, you could schedule your rest days for Saturday (I assume races are still on sundays) that would give you a little time to recover.


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