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    i have been looking around for a cardio workout and i just cant find one that i like i was wondering if anyone can give me a good one?

    Weight 168lb----Height 5"9
    Bench max- 205lb----goal 225lb
    Deadlift max-305lb----goal 400lb
    Squat max-260lb----goal 300lb


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    What do you mean by good?

    Do you have any large rocks that need to be moved? Wood that needs to be chopped?

    Beat the hell out of a tire with a sledge hammer, start sprinting, try some of the crossfit WODs, push your car up a hill...there is a lot out there.
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    Cardio if you are a fighter is the most important thing.
    Cardio if you are a runner is the most important thing.

    Both are totally different... If you need none of these (athletics is simular to a runner)

    I would personally build up every 2 weeks
    week 1: 10 minutes on the treadmill
    week 3: 20 minutes on the treadmill
    week 5: 30 minutes on the treadmill
    Week 7: 40 minutes on treadmill

    Personally I wouldn't go above 40 minutes. As for pace I would say anywhere between 60% - 75% of your max heart rate... push out 80% for the final 5 minutes.


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