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Thread: What Kind of Dog Is This?

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    What Kind of Dog Is This?

    I have a dog that is about 5.5 years old now, his name is snickers and we got him at an animal shelter when he was just 10 weeks old. Hes an amazing dog, and I encourage everyone thinking about getting a pet to visit their local animal shelter cuz its cheaper ($75) and you can really help out an animal in need. He was only I think 4 lbs when we got him, now hes up to 25-30. So basically we have no idea how snickers ended up at the shelter or any of his story other than that they just got him in at the shelter when we got there. So the biggest mystery is we don't know what kind of dog he is, and all the shelter could tell us was that he was part pug. We have heard many suggestions on what he is mixed with: pitbull, dauschund(sp?), chow(cuz purple tounge), lab, and many others. Its something that bugs me to know cuz hes such a great dog and I would just love to know what he is, I hear they can do blood tests but I also hear they're expensive. So I'll ask you guys for your opinions, what do you guys think he is???
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