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Thread: ppl with bad squat form

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    Is it just me, or is it annoying to see ppl squatting 1/4 the way on their toes? sometimes, it's not even that much weight, like 180lbs, when the guy weighs that much. it's pretty common in my school's weight room (our football players have sucky squat maxes, highest was 410lbs) and whenever some guy does squats in my gym (pretty rare sight btw) they have very bad form. I dunno, i can't seem to concentrate on my excercises when some guy does bad squats within the periphery of my vision!
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    I donlt really care asong as they donlt bother me.....

    Now when they shout as if they are working out real hard, I get ****ed....

    Also once me and this guy went to the squat rack and both were dus to use the rack for squats...... Anyway so we trained together for squats and the guy thought he was so good for squatting an extra 10 K's than me. He even told me I should go heavier as he though i could handle it.... Yeah if I squatted like him ! Quarter of the way down with a bent back.. ! What a pratt !

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    I find it quite funny actually. This one guy at my gym loaded so much weight on the bar for his "1/4 squats" that he got 2 "1/4 reps" and the third he couldn't push it up and dropped it down on the guards. So after that happened thats what his squats were. Unracking the bar and lowering it on to the guards. He didn't push it up he just lowered it down. He was so concerned about people seeing him having to drop the first set on the guards, he started just lowering the bar down thinking he could fool people into believing this was his plan all along. At my gym we now call these "barbell put-downs".

    You can see how he does deadlifts by going to a thread I posted under general called scary sites. Yea this is the same guy. He's going to wind up crippled one of these days.'s more friendly for trainers to say, "yeah, we can help you tone up!" rather than saying, "yeah, we can help you get rid of that fat ass!"


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